About Us

We are a family owned and operated business located in beautiful Clearwater, BC, Canada.

The store was established by Robin Graffunder (Kerry's sister) in the building built by our father, Dave Miller, back in 1971. Originally Dave started up a bakery which operated until 1974. The building was used for a variety of different business ventures until Robin started the Laundromat in the fall of 1996 and then the Loonie Plus Variety Store in April 1997. Robin wanted to start a business that would provide the people of Clearwater with inexpensive yet quality items. While the store has always carried a lot of merchandise typical of a Dollar Store Robin also saw a need for gift & other items that were not readily available in Clearwater. In 2007 Robin decided she wanted to retire to the farm & we were looking for a business venture so we moved back to Clearwater. We have been running Clear Water Dollar Emporium since February of 2008 & have since expanded and renovated the store to improve your shopping experience. We also added a 24Hr. Purified Water Dispenser in 2010.